Adobe Flex Animations +MS PowerPoint – Computer Based Training (CBT,WBT)

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Computer/Web based training requires some sort of presentation component to display the main content and images to the users. Early days for development of first session were no much effective due to amount of time spent for use of adobe flash for simple animation. There was a time for analyses and new approach has been chosen.

The way new approach has been successful was to create a power point slides for each session and they have been broken down to 2,3 or 4 parts depending on the size of the session. Tool has been found to convert the created PowerPoint session into .avi video format using EM Free PowerPoint Video Converter.

After there was a need to convert that .avi format into flash .swf and Free Video to Flash Converter v 4.7.21 build 305 was found to do the job as shown below:

The output became a .swf flash video with all the PowerPoint build in animations and time frame that changes as it has been chosen using converters. Disadvantage of this method was to use Actionscript Timer class in order to trigger events.
.swf files can be easily added within flex applications.

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