EuroGamer Expo September 2011 – London GW2

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EuroGamer Expo London 2011


We have attended the Guild Wars 2 presentation that went extremely well. Game developers outlined the difference between Guild Wars 2 and other MMORPGs by focusing on unique character creation system, co-operative main story line and most of all dynamic events. Dynamic events happen to be very exciting as players co-operate together to let say defeat a dragon that has just came out of the woods and if they don’t he is going to cause the chain reaction and burn village after village. Each time the player comes into the area where dynamic event takes place the environment scales and becomes more harder. Based on the action taken by the player he will receive the experience and loot and it can be achieve not only by damage but also support skill etc. Additionally a new approach has been taken that enables all the characters to heal themselves (and others ?) therefore there is no need to wait for the healer before heading out to meet the uber boss. As for the EuroGamer Expo it was great, much better than in previous year. We can’t wait for GW2 !

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