LPIC 101 overview

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If you are about to be LPIC 101 tested you will be tested for solid commands Understanding (including the options).
export, echo, pwd, tee, xargs, rm, cat, join, paste, expand, od, sort, sed,split, tr, uniq, fmt, nl, pr, lpr, head, tail, less, more, man, info, cut, wc, grep, ps, rpm, rpm2cpio, cpio, yum, yumdownloader, dpkg, apt-cache, apt-get, aptitude, dselect, alien, ldd, ldconfig, jobs, fg, bg, nice, renice, kill, killall, lspci, lsmod, insmod, modprobe, rmmod, lsusb, fdisk, mkfs, mount, unmount, df, du, mkswap, swapon, dumpe2fs, xfs_info, tune2fs, debugfs, fsck, cp, mv, touch, tar, find, whereis, locate, dd, ln, mkdir, rmdir, chown, chgrp, chmod, edquota, which.

These commands require more depth knowladge and are more likely to come up on the test.

Good luck

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