Moving GroupWise mailboxes between post offices

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The reason for this article is to illustrate the simplicity of moving user mailbox on the other post office within Novell GroupWise.

First of aware the user that the will be no access to his e-mail throughout the move.

Find the user in eDirectory (GroupWise tree) -> right click -> properties -> GroupWise tab -> disable logins.


Next step is to run GWcheck on the mailbox prior to the move to avoid situations where it gets stuck or can’t read parts of the mailbox etc.

Right-click the username -> GroupWise utilities -> Mailbox/Library Maintenance and set the flags as shown below:

You may noticed the Misc tab which allows to add additional parameters such ATTCLIP (for sorting out attachment related issues)

In the result tab CC: e-mail must be specified to see if the mailbox has been successfully checked and no errors occurred.

In the received e-mail with the logs scroll down to overview ( JOB LOG SUMMARY)

As shown above No problems were found and mailbox is ready to be moved (right-click username -> move -> select the PO)

GWCheck may need to be run few times for the results to come with no problems. (see GroupWise wiki for error codes and how to fix them)

After selecting to move the user onto another PO you can view it’s progress by selecting the destination PO -> Tools (top bar menu) -> GroupWise Utilities -> User move status:


Move completed.

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