Understanding of Novell Vibe Access Control

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For confidential workspace and by recommending teaming to other users it’s important that All users part of access control remains unticked.

Understanding Default Roles for Workspaces and Folders

  • Visitor – Has read-only and comment-only access.
  • Participant – Can create entries and modify those entries, plus perform tasks associated with the Visitor role.
  • Guest Participant – Can read entries, create entries, and add comments.
  • Team Member – Has all the rights of a Participant. In addition, can generate reports and manage community tags.
  • Workspace and Folder Administrators – Can create, modify, or delete workspaces or folders; moderate participation (modify or delete the entries of others); design entries and workflows; set entry-level access controls on entries of others; and can perform tasks associated with the Participant and Team Member role.
  • Workspace Creator – Can create sub-workspaces. In Team Workspace Root workspaces, this role allows users to create their own team workspaces.
  • Site Administrator Has all rights associated with access control. Available only to Teaming

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