ICS Hubs tutorial – Asus Transformer Prime

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Taste of that does it look like:


What you’ll need:



WALKTHROUGH from xda froums

ADW Launcher Users[/U][/B]
To remove top bar-Press and hold and empty area on your home screen then click on “Launcher Actions” > “Hide/Show Action Bars”
Enable Widget Overlapping-“Menu”> “ADW Settings”> “UI Settings” > “Screen Preference”> Check “Overlap Widgets” in the Advanced Settings Tab
Increase Retail Space on your screen-“Menu”> “ADW Settings”> “UI Settings” > “Screen Preference”> Increase the desktop “Rows” and “Columns” in the “Desktop Layout” Tab.

Launcher Pro Plus Users– while not optimized for 3.2, it still runs perfect.
Increase Retail Space on your screen-“Menu”> “Preference” > “Homescreen Settings” > Increase the “Number of columns/rows” in the Homescreen Grid.
Remove Icons From Right Dock– Hold your finger on the icon you wish to remove> “change shortcut”> “Blank”

*You may add screen transitions for each launcher if you wish, however my advise is to leave it at default as you can set transition for Multi Live wallpaper. Doing both launcher and MLW will make your screen look “too busy” IMO.

To set the “Bars” (Titles for “Home”, “Music”, “Movies” etc.)
Minimalistic Text
To set title– Press and hold a free space on the screen > “widgets” > “Minimalistic Text” (size may vary per style however I use either 4×2 or 6×1 as long as its horizontal > ensure that “background color” is checked > “Predefined Layout” > “Custom” > “Custom Layout” > Click on the plus sign > “Misc” > “Static Text”.
Black Bar Tutorial click here

Set up – Load up your wallpapers on your sd card/internal memory and placing them into seperate folders and name them based on the images (ex. Music, Movies, Games etc)
– Long press an empty screen on your homescreen > “Wallpapers” > “Live Wallpapers”> “MultiPicture Live Wallpaper”> “Settings”
– For each “Screen _ Settings” Select the picture source as “Picture Folder” and navigate it to point to your corresponding homescreen.
– Additionally you make select the screen transition here that reflects your particular taste. You may also set a default wallpaper for your lockscreen.

Despite the dozen of widget on the homescreen and live wallpaper, battery use is minimal.I have provided wallpapers below to help you get started.


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