LPIC 102 guideline and training materials

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Recommended materials to study:

Smith, R (2009). LPIC-1: Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide. Indiana,US: Wiley Publishing.

Soyinka, W (2009). Linux Administration a begginer’s guide . 5th ed.

Watkiss, S. (2010). LPIC exams. Available: http://www.penguintutor.com/certification.php

LPIC CBT Nuggets by Shawn Powers.


Many of you may find LPIC 102 much easier than 101 as you no longer have to memorise so many commands with all possible, even the most unlikely arguments.

The scoring system is also much more efficient as there are more questions regarding User Management and Scripts rather than usability options or printer management.

It’s still relatively hard as it requires the knowledge of verity of different aspects of linux system and more precisely a good understanding.

The way questions are written requires you to think about fundamentals, for instance a number of possible hosts in /29 network. (Understanding of netmask and how to count bits)

There are few things to memorise such as common network ports 21,23,25,80,110,143,433,995 and more, although it’s not too many and for someone with average network knowledge this part and few other topics such as routing and dns are just a walk in the park.

LPI recommends a 2 year experience on Linux for passing this certification however it all depends on self-motivation and how much work and time are you willing to put in.

Personal note: I had only 3 months Linux industrial experience but use Linux myself for over 2 years now, passed it with an average score, can’t be bothered!

The Advantages!

After completing LPIC-1 you gain:

LPIC-1 certified

Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA)

Novell Data Center Technical Specialist

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