Best Internet Browsers for Asus Transformer Prime ICS

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Best Internet Browsers for Asus Transformer Prime:
Chrome Beta

Chrome Beta “The speed and simplicity of Chrome, now on your Android phone and tablet. Bro…” – Chrome arrived on tablets! Simply great for syncing bookmarks and other services across your devices. Definitely the fastest and the most stable browser on android tablet so far…

Dolphin Browser® HD
Dolphin Browser® HD “Dolphin Browser HD is the FASTEST, EASIEST and most FUN mobile Web browser Do…” – Good browser. Gestures made life a bit easier giving user ability to draw a gesture on the screen, for instance “L” shape and assign it to chosen URL . Still works better on mobile though
ICS Browser +
ICS Browser + “Based on the ICS browser, this browser adds some handy extra functions. For n…” – Enchanted version of the stock Browser. Very useful, slightly quicker than the stock one, the only disadvantage is stability, each firmware update seem to be getting in the way of its developers .

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