DatacenterDynamics Energy Efficiency Best Practice course review

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Last week I have attended DCProfessional Development training course regarding Energy Efficiency Best Practices at Hilton hotel in East London. I was slightly concerned that I was by far the youngest member of the training course as well as the least experienced. Nonetheless it was my decision not to follow their framework and head for Level 2 training instead of Level 1. Secondly other members were managing standalone data centers much bigger then those I manage currently. We are talking about few data centres of Tier 3 and 4 with high number of racks and different cooling systems for most of the people around the table.

The training was conducted in a very friendly environment with a lot of general discussions about issues related to specific localization as well to specific businesses we are working in. The instructor and few people who came to oversee the training (DatacenterDynamics employees) had excellent up to date knowledge of data centers and they shared many experiences they had.  There were very useful group exercises followed by well times regular coffee brakes.

By having very experienced people around the table, including the other participants of the training course I have gain incredible amount of knowledge in really short time. The training was so interesting, it made me to read more about power efficiency and best practices. As for today, just 2 days after the training I have drafted project plan and timescale to implement this “Green Datacenter” long time project in order to decrease power consumption in my data centers as well as pay more attention to our environment.

It has been very successful experience. The best training sessions I have attended so far…


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