Automated Novell GWcheck

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Automated GWcheckThis application run automated version of gwcheck.exe utility and can check up to 50 archives one by one.

Very useful for migrating existing archives ont any new system..



It can be run on any workstation although it’s better to use VM or setup some dedicated (even low spec) machine with Windows7


Unzip the file to C: (archives folder with contents shown on picture 1 below)

Picture 1 – screenshot of archive folder items

How to use it:

Locate the user archives (disable the access) and copy them from their “user home dir”/grpwise (ofxxxarc etc)to to_be_archived folder. (it should contain folders with user archives as shown on picture 2 below)

Picture 2 – screenshot of to_be_archived folder items

Run AutoGWchecks.exe

-it runs gwcheck.exe on to_be_archived directory selecting appropriate flags etc.

-it runs fix amount of time per archive, currently for x min (work in progress, doesn’t support monster archives)

-once archive is successful it remains in to_be_archived directory ready for the import.

-if not successful it will try to fix the archive up to 3 times (hecks for error log), if still not fixed it will be moved to problem folder,

-it puts the log for each run in the log folder successful or not


Picture 3 – screenshot of the automated GWcheck progress bar

By the end of the scan there is a message to summarise:

Picture 4 –screenshot of the message with summary



The most efficient use of that automated application is to arrange a group of users at the time .Disable their access to archives, copy the feeds, run the utility.


Q. What If archive fails to be fixed 3 times in a row?

A. It will be moved to problem folder

Q. What if the time allocated for the scan isn’t long enough to complete it (large archive)

A. It will run 3 times and move the archive to the problem folder, please try again manually.



I am happy to share the source code.




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