Qlogic Sanbox 5200 5800V/5802V configuration and upgrade guide

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1 Fabric view:



2 Log into new fabric with the information located on the switch (default, admin password). Make sure your IP address is in the correct range. As a medium use cross-over cable.

Check of the current firmware version on each switch on the Fabric:



3. Tools -> Upload Firmware



4. Confirm



5. Check Status



6. Check of the version after restart.  Great it now matches the rest of the fabric.



7. Domain ID  – unique id allocated to each switch on the fabric. Analyse your current fabric and choose next available ID.



8. Change IP Address to desired, as well as complete DNS settings tab.



9. Log into the fabric on the new address (change your IP to mach the subnet etc). 

10. Set the password for admin account.

11. Plug the switch to existing Fabric or replace the old switch, Once promped for nickname table sync , accept it.


Hope that was helpful.


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