Groupwise 2014 Webinar notes

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I would like to share with my notes after attending Novell Groupwise 2014 Webinar today 07.11.13

New features:

– Skype integration (address book and ability to check who’s online)

– Proxy sub folders

– Shared sub folders

– Revelance (most used folders on top – improved)

– Name completion (who you e-mail most rather than a string match)


– Custom application REST interface (so we can script loads of stuff if we want ;] )

– Now supports any LDAP system no just eDir

– Global search (name,fid,email etc)

– Start/Stop agents

– Export of lists

– Rich reports

– Command line tools for gwcheck etc

– Administration delegation (just give ppl access to what they should access)

Windows client

– Major improvements (except for visuals of course)

– name completion (even by username)

– Duplicate folders, templates.

– Easier navigation


-auto update, (no need to refresh to check for new emails)


– more scalable,

– major improvements for Data Syncronizer.

Release date expected to be in Jan 2014.

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