LPIC-2 201 exam tips – Advanced linux cert

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LPIC-2 will validate your ability to administer small to medium–sized mixed networks. You must have an active LPIC-1 certification to receive LPIC-2 certification.

Let’s face it LPIC certifications are not easy. Personally VMware certification are known to be hard due to the fact that most of the questions are experience / scenario based rather than something that can be learnt only from books.


Here’s the thing. I found LPIC-2 201 much harder than VCP-DCV and VCP-Cloud even though I’m very confident Linux user for few years now. Same as VMware many questions are break fix related so even by creating all the systems in the virtual lab it is not an easy task to pass this exam. People say RHCE is hard due to the real lab exam, I haven’t done that yet but seeing multiple choice questions where answers only differentiate by 1 character and 2 of those answers are true… you see what I mean here – confusion!!! :X


What to know about LPIC-2 201 exam that you may not be aware of:

  • Multiple-choice questions showing complex configuration file where you may need to select two correct answers,
  • Each question has different point weighting; answering 60% of questions doesn’t guarantee the pass,
  • Very objective focused as provided on their website however I found that their book LPIC-2 Study Guide doesn’t provide enough depth,



  • Use different books, materials, forums.
  • Focus on your weakest areas as those will be exploited, don’t think that you can skip a topic or two and do well on the rest,
  • Mocks, mocks, mocks online available on few websites – when processing all the mocks find out why your answer is wrong and try to understand, during my test few questions I have came across before or they were only slightly different which is an easy win for few points
  • Don’t panic, I went for exam and first 5 questions, not only I did not know the answers. I didn’t event know where did they get those from! There will be some easier questions and some harder ones.
  • Test centre – choose known trusted test centre, I was in one where reception was in the same room as the test while previous test taker was arguing with the member of staff, not really helping here!
  • Don’t worry if you fail, those tests are meant to be hard to be valuable on the current market, once you take the test second time there is a chance that some questions may repeat or be similar.


Best of luck, you always need a bit of luck

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