[Error] Cluster has not been prepared or mapped to a vds in vsm – vCloud Director / vSM / vCNS

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Environment: vC 5.5 vSM 5.5.4 vCD 5.5.0

Initially deploying vCD in vSphere environment you may come across this error when checking out vCD network pools (VXLAN).

VXLAN is an overlay technique and encapsulates layer 2 in layer 3, (some more info can be found here – good article  http://www.yellow-bricks.com/2012/11/02/vxlan-use-cases/)

By now you probably already make some configuration in vShield Manager (vSM) , linked it to vCenter Server etc.

The fix can be done from both vCD and vSM.

– in vCD you would navigate to Manage & Monitor -> Hosts -> Right click -> Prepare the Host

– in vSM you would navigate to Your Datacenter on the left hand side list menu -> Network Virtualisation tab -> Preparation (nested tab) -> edit







Select Cluster for which VXLAN will be enabled.

During the process of preparation, few VIBs will be installed on each ESXi host in that cluster.

If that fails for some reason, those can be installed manually and are available as a download on your vShield Manager: https://vsm-ip/bin/vdn/vibs/5.1/vxlan.zip

Eventually your hosts will appear as ready:

vCD ready And the XVLAN can be fixed. Navigate back to vSM -> Manage & Monitor -> Network Pools, right click VXLAN and hit ‘Repair’

VXLAN fixed

This can be also verified looking at running tasks:

VXLAN Fied 2

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