HPE Stackato 3.4.2 / 3.6.2 cloud deployment automated for vSphere – Powershell

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Build template:

In order to run the Invoke-VMscript cmdlet, we need to spin up stackato VM from ovf, install VMware tools, run some recent updates/patches and save this VM as template.

  1. Deploy stackato VM from OVF
  2. Open VM Console and configure OS:
    Login with stackato/stackato
    Reset stackato password to stackato123 using passwd
    Change IP: kato op static_ip (give it free temporary IP in 172.x.x.x) example:
  3. Restart server:
  4. Set passwordless SUDO
  5. Update Ubuntu OS (glibc)
  6. Install VMware tools & Hardware
  7. Change permission for interface settings
  8. Set the IP address to (this will be overwritten by the script):
  9. Shutdown guest OS and upgrade virtual hardware
  10. Clone VM to template, name should be stackato-3.x.2-template-vm-tools


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