Chef integration with knife esx – My VMware Kitchen part2

Share This: Part1 : chef-server-prep-for-knife-vsphere-and-knife-esx-vcooking-my-vmware-kitchen can be accessed here: My environment: – – chef server – – chef workstation – – vCenter Server – – ESXi node – – ESXi node After completing previous lab, we are ready to use knife esx and automatically provision Virtual Machine. […]
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Chef server prep for knife-vsphere and knife-esx vCooking – My VMware kitchen part 1

Share This: For this exercise I used latest Ubuntu 14.04.01 (even though I love rpm based system, deb does the trick on this occasion) My servers: – chef server – chef workstation Download open source chef from:

Before installation make sure you have static IP and FQDN / hostname Install Chef […]
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