Expanding unix LVM Volume from SAN

Share This: Steps: 1. Create a new lun and zone it with the server. 2. SSH into your box run, (detect new Luns)

3. format the raw disk: (for me that’s a third hdd therefore it has hal/dev name of /dev/sdc) you can check new disks by ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/

4. Create physical […]
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LVM pvmove guide for new hardware / data migrations – vmware or tin

Share This: Quick scenario, Virtual server had 1 lvm logical group containing 1 volume group and 1 physical volume. Vmware 5.1 has a limitation of 2TB for a single file on its filestore therefore once expanded SAN volume to 3TB it turned out that wasn’t a good idea…isn’t it?! Consequences? Virtual raw device mapping was […]
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