vCloud Director RESTapi using powershell to disable org,orgvdc and poweroff vApps

Share This: Script written to automate vCD cancellation process using powershell and REST. It takes vcd and organization as input and cancel that customer in multi tenant environments. By cancel I mean disable org,orgvcd and power off all existing vApps.

Any questions let me know! Enjoy.
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Powershell & SSH-Module – automated ssh/sshd configuration changes for multiple nodes

Share This: This script uses powershell ssh module and provides a quick way for global configuration changes if puppet/chef etc is not available in your environment. Below is an example of ssh/sshd changes. Moreover using invoke-sshcommand can perform any  action / pass parameters to the shell.

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Powershell,ovftool & powercli unattended deployment Tips

Share This: Typical vCC deployment command syntax is:

Here’s how to obtain some of those parameters (PowerCLI): Get host from specific cluster:

Get datastore with most free space for specific cluster:

Get network with specific content/prefix:

Have fun!
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ovftool syntax and escaping special characters

Share This: Came across an issue (what are the odds for that ?) where my password did not go along with ovftool syntax. The syntax is vi://username:password@vcserveraddress You could see having @ is a problem, as well as ad account having ‘ad\’ , found this blog by Steve Flanders which allow me to bypass this […]
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Automated deployment of vCC Server/Node on biggest datastore/dmz network/LDAP auth using powershell and powerCLI

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EDIT – Struggling with VAMI property key does not exist, here’s the workaround. Let the VM boot without applying network settings and use PowerCLI – Invoke-VMScript

Enjoy. Datastore calculations found on @Thanks! Also William Lam’s post – Thanks!
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Change linux credentials using SSH-Sessions – powershell script

Share This: This script can be used as it is (providing host and old and new credentials) or even better by obtaining credentials from central password repository and setting the value to $credentials. Git:

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Browser Switcher – autoit – Ops monitoring

Share This: # MonitoringBrowserSwitcher This file can be compiled in autoit downloaded from: This tiny script it’s an easy win solution for system monitoring where there’s only 1 screen and many monitoring applicances. Currently script will create indefinite loop and switch between IE and Chrome every 30seconds. I used it by running Zenoss on […]
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Cloud Navigator GUI tool – autoit

Share This: Unfortunately can’t share source code for this project. this GUI tool provides streamlined access to cloud customer environment. User is requested to provide certain variables when the tool is launched. Once those are read, script dynamically builds up the GUI environment and sets target variables to relevant resources providing one-click access to given resource.
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