VCAP5-DCA Objective 1.2 Configure and Administer storage based profile / policies

Share This: Quick and easy post on VCAP objective with regards to vSphere storage profiles. Profile driven storage is a great way to efficiently manage storage capabilities, its usage and associated cost. In a simple words: Let’s say customer’s on-premis or cloud-based VDC contains some LUN from cheap SAN that uses 2TB 7k drives (inexpensive and average performance) and […]
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VCAP5-DCA Objective 1.2 Identify and tag SSD and local devices

Share This: Quick blog post how to make sure your device is being seen as SSD (even if it doesn’t necessarily is! – tricking ESXi). Looking at the datastore I can verify their status as NON-SSD. In some cases it may be a SSD datastore which is not detected correctly. Diving into esxcli we can find […]
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VCAP5-DCA Objective 1.1 Understand and apply LUN masking using PSA-related commands iSCSI/MPIO

Share This: On the road to VCAP5-DCA (Aug 2015) , I thought I will blog stuff as I go along. Here’s Objective 1.1 Understand and apply LUN masking using PSA-related commands. LUN masking gives you control over which hosts see which LUNs. Typically this is done on the SAN-end but in cases you would want […]
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Expanding unix LVM Volume from SAN

Share This: Steps: 1. Create a new lun and zone it with the server. 2. SSH into your box run, (detect new Luns)

3. format the raw disk: (for me that’s a third hdd therefore it has hal/dev name of /dev/sdc) you can check new disks by ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/

4. Create physical […]
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