Change linux credentials using SSH-Sessions – powershell script

Share This: This script can be used as it is (providing host and old and new credentials) or even better by obtaining credentials from central password repository and setting the value to $credentials. Git:

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Chef server prep for knife-vsphere and knife-esx vCooking – My VMware kitchen part 1

Share This: For this exercise I used latest Ubuntu 14.04.01 (even though I love rpm based system, deb does the trick on this occasion) My servers: – chef server – chef workstation Download open source chef from:

Before installation make sure you have static IP and FQDN / hostname Install Chef […]
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LPIC-2 201 exam tips – Advanced linux cert

Share This: LPIC-2 will validate your ability to administer small to medium–sized mixed networks. You must have an active LPIC-1 certification to receive LPIC-2 certification. Let’s face it LPIC certifications are not easy. Personally VMware certification are known to be hard due to the fact that most of the questions are experience / scenario based […]
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Exploring Docker Part1 – containers and images

Share This: First stetps with Docker Distribution: OpenSuse Installing Docker:

Docker is built on top of LXC. Like with any container technology, as far as the program is concerned, it has its own file system, storage, CPU, RAM, and so on. The key difference between containers and VMs is that while the hypervisor abstracts […]
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Bind 9.9 configuration guide – opensuse / vSphere lab

Share This: This Configuration is written for a local vSphere lab, but same principles apply for any small/medium size company or if you are starting with BIND.   I highly recommend some reading about DNS and bind before going into configuration, it’s very easy to make a tiny mistake and you’d need to have some understanding […]
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Expanding unix LVM Volume from SAN

Share This: Steps: 1. Create a new lun and zone it with the server. 2. SSH into your box run, (detect new Luns)

3. format the raw disk: (for me that’s a third hdd therefore it has hal/dev name of /dev/sdc) you can check new disks by ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/

4. Create physical […]
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LVM pvmove guide for new hardware / data migrations – vmware or tin

Share This: Quick scenario, Virtual server had 1 lvm logical group containing 1 volume group and 1 physical volume. Vmware 5.1 has a limitation of 2TB for a single file on its filestore therefore once expanded SAN volume to 3TB it turned out that wasn’t a good idea…isn’t it?! Consequences? Virtual raw device mapping was […]
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NetiQ Sentinel data collection guide

Share This: Sentinel Data Collection Sentinel collects data from servers in 2 ways: – Using Audit Server on port 1289 (default) – Using Syslog Server on port 1468 (default) 1.Audit server listens to Sentinel Audit connector that collects data from audit source (AUDIT) A.Platform Agent installed on the target host helps to collect data mainly […]
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